Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Breaking Bon Bons in Den Bosch

Bon Bons. Pink Lemon. Le creuset. Crumpets. Creme Friache. Stuffed Artichokes. Fleur De Sel.

Just some of the words added to my new House Vrouw dictionary! After the years spent worshipping mammon in the business world, here I was, attempting to become a domestic goddess myself. Move over Martha Stewart. Julia Child who?

I had spent the last few weeks vacantly staring into the television, and burst into tears when one of the animals at St. Tigglywinks (from Animal Planet) died. Also my obsession with Jabu,Tembe and Morula (african elephants) was reaching unusual heights much to the dismay of my family, extended family. I figured the time had come for some interaction with homo sapiens, preferably not related to B's work place, and I took the plunge.

I went to a dinner of the so called Women's club. Turns out they did bake cookies, but they went to work as well. It was such a relief to just find a band of women - trying to make sense of their lives in a different culture. What was supposed to be an early dinner extended into a 11 pm - being almost shunted out of the restaurant-event. There was the usual semi-hysterical typical Netherlands bashing. Then it moved from one desultory topic to another, till all that was left of the evening was a girlie, giggly haze of alcohol!

As I watched my dinner company speed off on their bikes in different directions like glow worms, and i turned towards the beautifully illuminated St Jan's to walk home, I was glad I gotten off my 'corporate' high horse to meet the Bon Bon makers. Perhaps I was finally beginning to appreciate this whole business of being gezellig.

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