Sunday, June 12, 2005

Amsterdam Re#ed

Yesterday was a fun day to be in Amsterdam. If you are the star spotting type you'd be disappointed. Unless you spent 10 hours outside the Grand Krasnapolsky. Or Sanjay Suri is your type. (Do you even know who he is ? I didn't!)

The city had been invaded by desis (indians, surinamese, pakistanis,bangladeshis & the rest of the subcontinent). The iifa awards were apparently not quite as well attended. At a 16o e for a last minute ticket it comes as no surprise! But outside the movie theatres, the Hotel Grand Krasnapolsky where the stars were ensconced, the story was very different!

F & I decided to watch Page 3 in a quaint theatre which was also screening My Brother Nikhil, Veer Zara and Dil Chahta Hain amongst others. Which should have read dil chhata (umbrella) hain since it began pouring for no good reason.

Page 3 is a wonderful and dismal film at the same time. It is a laudable effort, offers a very candid & cutting commentary on the razzle dazzle one sees on the tabloid-like Page 3 of leading newspapers ( which in my opinion is more suitable for making paper boats to float in the dirty water logged streets of Mumbai). That the razzle dazzle isn't what it really is makes it so depressing. Sometimes it's fun to imagine how it must feel to be a super model or a successful director. Looks as though it isn't all peachy.

The worst part of the Page 3 phenomena is probably - non of the truly successful people are really visible! Think about it : would you see Narayana Murthy on Page 3? Or for that matter Manmohan Singh? I doubt if Amitabh Bachchan has to pay to have his picture taken with nubile starlets! As a friend of mine put it "Most of the people on Page 3 of the Delhi Times don't deserve to have their pictures put on toilet paper, let alone a news paper". Some strong sentiment there!

The day ended more coffee, much laughter and many wanderings of the mind later. But somehow the dark side remained etched in my mind for a bit.

There probably is nothing more depressing than shallow beings who choose to call themselves "human". Ones who look perfect, sound perfect, but are far from perfect -which takes me to the nouveau rude article D. sent me.

Will let you know my thoughts on the same later! In the meantime here's a silly picture - see if you can figure it out!

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