Friday, July 09, 2004

Blogina returns

Am going nuts.almonds,walnuts,chilgoza,macademia nuts.Hoopla is the name of the game and hard work doesn't count as much as packaging.
can't beat 'em so join 'em seems to be the way to attempting to recreate pirates of the cafe-rabba (punjabi for god) for the mafiosi.
just checked my feet to see if the wheels under were doing ok - so far so good.visited the pestlike puttars of punjab yesterday - was quite ok.
wombie is drinking beer in the beer garden - garten? what else would you do there other than drink beer? look for restrooms i guess.
friday was fun.the b2d was the nicest so far - i had lots of fun being dumbledore! and pretending the captain was the coffee guy! looks as though everyone had fun :)
it was clutterbug's b'day recently.had lots of fun.little goomba tried blowing the candles out instead of cb at which point the matriarch hastily intervened! cb did have a lot of candles to blow but not sure she needed l.g's help! the moonie sis sat and gobbled loads of goodies but whined about everything.the question is did moonie whine or wane or wax? dunno but moonie looks quite stricken these days.touch of the son(u)?

gotta beckhams.sorry beckons.

Sunday, July 04, 2004

american pie

Suddenly saw the date and figured i had forgotten a couple of birthdays.Rai on 2nd and Pratap on 3rd. And of course America on 4th!
Spoke to Rai after a while today - sounds v. happy. good for her :)
Should mail pratap - after all he remembers my birthday more often than his wife!
As for America - brings back a ton of crazy and saltnpepper bridge memories! wonder how the Sarcar and Popo gang is doing :o. think there was a baby somewhere there.

it was a good life.people drinking high knees (!),boats, flags, hot dogs, crackers and diwali like atmosphere.all in all good if you like that kind of thing.or if you are born wasp,red neck or merely american.

me green apple

my mother thinks i look like a green round apple.what can i say!!

i arrived in Cal this morning after an interesting 3 days in mum.
didn't meet any leopards over the 3 days .sigh.however what was esp. interesting was a four foot nothing gent by the name of Mutthu who was everyone's man friday.It's rare to find people as industrious in such a boring job.i think we should employ him!

bonded with mojo and muddy yesterday - they are truly adorable till mojo started his Willie Parker act.i of course didn't realise it at all.went for dinner to a beautiful house on worli sea face - it must be nice to be rich:) all in all a fun evening with some funnier conversations about jumping in and out of clouds,feeding leopards with pigs that look like hogs (whatever that means),lots of sangria and great food (no animals in there though).
the craziest part was S. doing some crazy headstands and psyching me out totally.a bit like the japanese lunatic in kesroli with the pushy american wife.s and mouse are complete bobos. methinks mouse quite likes the title despite his protestations.

Landed here this morning to bond with tequila and mowgli.and eat plenty of course.This evening promises to be fun with the grand sport trinity - Wimbledon,football and of course the French grand prix.

think maria S is quite incredible.if only i were half as determined.was v. angry yesterday about silly gb training.probably not worth my while.oh well tomorrow is another day.

thought of watching troy today but the timings didn't look too great.D. was in yet another party at K's last night.she didn't invite me! d says that was not the intention - she merely figured i wasn't around.supposed to do a girl lunch on saturday with k,l,nis and d.will not be around as usual :)

anyway.going back to watching schumi.someday am going to be as good as every single time.

Friday, July 02, 2004

Boring Day in Leopard Land

funny .thought i was in hawaii this morning.think the mushroom soup last night was magical! well - if not the melon and ham was. didn't feel so lousy that wombie was in foo foo land eating parma-melon eats.
life in renaissance is can clearly distinguish janta - between the ex pats (not that hard!),rich gujju types and of course the company paid stay types!
am so tired listening to blah blah blah stuff with no conceptual clarity. wow.big word.sounds like i went to b school or married someone who did !
must buy a brealy and fundas (hiwever fuzzy) is better than others here - which is scary huh!
v is sitting with me and making dideredee sounds with his nails. how annoying.
ha ha we are talking fundamental and technical analysis - sounds like w's woman classification.m totally confused and others are arguing with him :) that is funny!
think will stop enjoying myself too much and others can see!