Friday, July 02, 2004

Boring Day in Leopard Land

funny .thought i was in hawaii this morning.think the mushroom soup last night was magical! well - if not the melon and ham was. didn't feel so lousy that wombie was in foo foo land eating parma-melon eats.
life in renaissance is can clearly distinguish janta - between the ex pats (not that hard!),rich gujju types and of course the company paid stay types!
am so tired listening to blah blah blah stuff with no conceptual clarity. wow.big word.sounds like i went to b school or married someone who did !
must buy a brealy and fundas (hiwever fuzzy) is better than others here - which is scary huh!
v is sitting with me and making dideredee sounds with his nails. how annoying.
ha ha we are talking fundamental and technical analysis - sounds like w's woman classification.m totally confused and others are arguing with him :) that is funny!
think will stop enjoying myself too much and others can see!

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