Sunday, June 13, 2004

Matilda Mania Down Under

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No I was not singing waltzing Matilda. Or "we-all-sing Matilda" as a friend of mine used to sing at age 5 in Sydney.

Matilda is a wombat! She was found along with her mother who was run over by a passing car about 3 years ago. Tiny M. who was only 4 months old at the time has been raised at the Koala Park Sanctuary since.

What can I say? It was love at first sight! Turns out this little wombie is gentler than her relatives that are normally found in the wild. However - it didn't help when one of the park rangers constantly reminded everyone in a nasal tone " Sheeeen willlln bnnniteee".
Some of us were braver and decided to brave a wombat bite by stroking her ! She was relatively well behaved other than the occasional grrrr - sort of like pet dachschunds!

The famed koalas were fun. ( Are they real? Am still not convinced though one peed on me!). A trifle sleepy perhaps (they are primarily nocturnal, hence the bond with me). There were the usual wolloomollos , joeys whatever you want to call them! And some strange men trying to carry them despite several warning to let the animals be! who were the animals again?

A sumptuous barbecue, some boomerang throwing, didgeridoo playing later we were ready to head back to Sydney. I wasn't completely done though. What kind of a life would it be without a pet wombie?

It turns out i had a touch of womba.Not wombat but womba. Aboriginal for mad!

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