Friday, July 09, 2004

Blogina returns

Am going nuts.almonds,walnuts,chilgoza,macademia nuts.Hoopla is the name of the game and hard work doesn't count as much as packaging.
can't beat 'em so join 'em seems to be the way to attempting to recreate pirates of the cafe-rabba (punjabi for god) for the mafiosi.
just checked my feet to see if the wheels under were doing ok - so far so good.visited the pestlike puttars of punjab yesterday - was quite ok.
wombie is drinking beer in the beer garden - garten? what else would you do there other than drink beer? look for restrooms i guess.
friday was fun.the b2d was the nicest so far - i had lots of fun being dumbledore! and pretending the captain was the coffee guy! looks as though everyone had fun :)
it was clutterbug's b'day recently.had lots of fun.little goomba tried blowing the candles out instead of cb at which point the matriarch hastily intervened! cb did have a lot of candles to blow but not sure she needed l.g's help! the moonie sis sat and gobbled loads of goodies but whined about everything.the question is did moonie whine or wane or wax? dunno but moonie looks quite stricken these days.touch of the son(u)?

gotta beckhams.sorry beckons.

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