Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Rustle of Spring

Spring is here. Sitting indoors, with the bright and sparkly sunshine filtering in through the windows it definitely looks as though it has arrived.

I heard birds this morning, saw a robin & think i saw rabbits moving the easter eggs. alright so am getting a little carried away.

Am quite obsessed with picasa. but am bored already. edited every single picture i could!

my friends have woken up. spring must be here. r called from ny.m is headed there. bdf is about to kill me because i sent her baboon avatar to everyone!

what's with all this baby making.that is all everyone is obsessed with. again think it has to do with spring being in the air.

have you tried watching cnn europe? all their stories are about america, america, america and once in a while a snippet of germany/ireland!

yesterday i learnt my 1st set of unpronounceable dutch words. forced to. couldn't read the instructions on the cereal cartons!

it is quite amazing how the definition of time changes. is it to do with cultures? or simply my current life?


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