Tuesday, March 08, 2005

A Brand New Day....Life

Starting of a brand new day….

And life! If there is life after 30 that is…alright alright all you octogenarians, stop scowling.

After spending a life stretched & gasping for time & breath, feels quite odd really. No appointments, the phone does ring a few times – only because it is my birthday.

Also the oft threatened promise of a dog biscuit, glass of water and tied to a pole is lived up to. Only substituted by a half eaten caramel waffle (stroopwaffel), a few nuts, and cup of foul fowl soup. Not to forget being locked in to the apartment!

Hennes and Mauritz here I come. Erase. Zara I am here. White linen I am here. Crochet slips I arrive!

Actually it was more like Albert Heijn and common sense I arrive. Sigh….

The hardest thing is to be practical. Which is odd given that I always get feed back at work – “you are so practical”. Which gets me back to the yin & the yang story! Call it congruity if you will. Everything I do at work, I don’t do at home. Which though F. doesn’t realize it yet- it great for him!
The day ends. Much brine (euphemism) and wine later. Asian fusion cuisine is nice. As is the service – rather charming. Back to the yin & yang – for all the sophistication of the cuisine F managed to chuck peanuts, and coffee beans across the table! Gave one the distinct feeling of eating at a fabulous banquet with a gibbon monkey! Of course if the gibbon is paying, one can’t really complain!

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