Monday, March 06, 2006

Back from the Land of the Porcelain Goddess to 't Misverstant

It's been a while since I blogged. I guess it's been a busy busy 3 months. So much has happened. Single friends decided to settle in. Little children arrived in different parts of the world. And B's diaper rash seems to have transmogrified into diaper love.

It's been an exciting and not so exciting last few months. Worshipping the porcelain goddess is not my idea of time well spent..but such is life! However that phase being over, B & I are looking forward to the next few months!

It was nice to be home last month, be pampered endlessly and feel wholesome again! It's funny how being sick can make you long for things you typically turn your nose up at! Try the 'Indian menu' on the KLM flight to Delhi for instance. I wolved it down with such gusto, B thought I was going to be sick!

Tomorrow B is taking me out to dinner. He has promised to make amends for last year. Remember my birthday ? When i found myself locked in, in a new land, with no friends in sight, having quit my job, turning to carrot stubs for sustenance?

So a seven course French meal it is this year. In a quiet neat restaurant tucked away in the by lanes of Den Bosch. The name of the place is interesting though - 't Misverstant (apparently means misunderstanding)!?

Doesn't bode well given the experience I had last birthday. Will keep you posted!

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