Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Trivial Pursuits


Am back blogging after quite a while! Just came back from my trip to Delhi - funnily enough, I don't miss it any more! Perhaps it could be attributed to a bad case of delly belly , or I finally have outgrown Delhi.

Well, can one outgrow home? Probably not. Definitely not in number terms. Compare the population of Delhi with that of Den Bosch ! Defence Colony to Den Bosch may be a more fair comparison!

I guess the realisation that I don't have a home in Delhi any longer may have helped overcome some of the blues I felt in March. Of course - I still have more friends, family and foes there than elsewhere.

I am now pursuing some utterly trivial pursuits. Like collating old pictures, writing blogs long overdue, connecting with friends I haven't heard from in a while.

A dear friend and an ex boss (yes, it is the same person) called the other day seriously concerned after an email is sent her. It read "sos...Is this mini uttapam recipe alright?"
Needless to say , she was extremely concerned about my well being. In the past she typically received email from me that read "sos ....The customer ppt for tomorrow doesn't look good, do you think the pitch needs to be altered?" . Hence some of her angst is understandable. She isn't the only one. Yet another ex- colleague was terrified when I threatened to send him some fresh home made bon bons ! Another wanted to check with my husband if all was well when I rabbited on at some length about a couple of orphaned elephants I saw on animal planet called jabu & tembu. What's scary is - I don't think even my husband believes they exist.

Yes ...This is my new found world. Of elephants , bon bons and mini uttapams! There are other joys too - that of not having to live by an alarm clock being amongst them!

This morning I was running along the Bossche Broek, I stopped like I do every morning. To smell the flowers. To watch the rabbits. To be chased by ducks. To fawn over the dogs.

Carpe Diem!

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